Edward Jones

Edward Jones

It is with the deepest of regret and sadness that we have to state that Edward Jones has recently passed away (Tuesday 28th September 2010).

We only recently met and filmed Edward Jones of Hazel Grove, Clitheroe as part of this project. Was formerly Private E Jones of the East Lancashire Regiment during World War Two who was seriously wounded in Normandy during the D Day landings. Second son of Mr and Mrs J Jones of Beech Street at that time and formerly of Woone Lane (as reported in the local paper) was taken originally to a hospital in South Wales on his eventual return to the UK. His brother Alfred as reported in the paper went to visit him there. Edward was part of a Bren Gun Carrier (Driver) and ordered to go forward after landing on the beaches and silence a German machine gun post. After advancing several hundred yards through the thick of enemy fire the crew had to abandon the carrier owing to the difficult terrain. Edward also mentions that one of his pals was killed by a sniper at this point. Shells began to burst around them and as they threw themselves flat on the ground Private Jones felt something hit his right shoulder but did not think anything of it and carried on. This was in fact the first of his injuries.By now Private Jones and his comrades had got near to the machine gun post and sweeping it with fire from their bren guns, they effectively silenced it. To make sure that the Germans were not foxing, Private Jones and his sergeant went forward, under covering fire to discover that they in fact, silenced eight Germans for ever.


Their task completed, they were to have been relieved but relief did not arrive, owing to the rapidity of the Allies advance. Private Jones and his companions carried on for about six miles when suddenly they found themselves within about 500 yards of the enemy, who began to straddle their position with mortar fire. As they lay on the ground shells burst behind them and Private Jones was flung into the air, falling unconscious. When he came round he found his sergeant dead beside him As the Germans continued their fire Private Jones crawled into a ditch, and again lapsed into unconsciousness. On coming round again he heard troops nearby and managed to attract their attention before collapsing for a third time. Taken to a field hospital he was given blood transfusions before being brought back to this country by air.  

Only through the excellant medical team who first attended to Private Jones meant that he had fighting chance of survival. Years of operations resulted with Private Jones even being treated in St Mary's Hospital, Whalley now known as Calderstones Hospital. Before the war, Private Jones was assitant groundsman at Clitheroe Golf Club. At one period prior to the Normandy landing he served in Northern Ireland, where he married. Edward was uable to take up his old position at Clithereoe Golf Club due to the exten of his injuries that he sustained. Edward now does have a large family.

It is a wonder that Private E Jones survived and all credit to all the medical staff who helped him during those first few years after he was serioulsy wounded and of course Edwards own will and strength to survive.  

We are also delighted to state that we obtained Edward a Normany medal for being injured during the above action which resulted in him having years of operations and being discharged from the Army on the 4th May 1945 which looking at his papers states -Ceasing to fulfil Army physical requirements. Edward who's number was 3388869 still has shrapnel in one of his feet. He served five years and 110 days. This was was recently presented to him by our Chairman Mel Diack and Roger Leach from Clithere Youth at his home.

Photo of Private Edward Jones before being seriously wounded in action during the D Day Normandy invasion.


We show a photograph of Edward with his recent medal.


The late Edward Jones who Clitheroe Youth presented with his D Day Normandy Landing wounded medal just a week before his passing. Members of the Clitheroe Youth and representatives from the British Legion attended Edwards funeral which took place at St Michael's and St Johns Church, Clitheroe on Tuesday 5th October. Edward was laid to rest at the Clitheroe Cemetery, Brungerly.

Our deepest sympathies are extended to Edwards family.