Braille at Arts and Crafts Studio

This is Morgan Rawcliffe and Morgan Kennedy having a go at Braille with Chris Tattersall on Thursday 24th February 2010 at the Art and Craft Studio. This took some doing but all credit to the girls for sticking with it to complete a good introductory lesson. Both girls enjoyed the session.

Our thanks to Chris Tattersall who is working away on this and another session will be arranged after Easter.

Article in Advertiser


This is my letter that appeared in the Clitheroe Advertiser dated Thursday 16th March 2010. We hadn't had one phone call following the picture and write up on our project from a few weeks earlier so decided to do this. I'm pleased to say I then had at least 4 phone calls and Marion and Roger are following these up. The press did stick this in the bottom corner but at least they printed it.


Ribble Valley's Part in the War

Roger and I went off to see the representatives of the BAE Heritage organisation at Warton near Preston on Tuesday 30th March at 10.30am. It took us over half an hour to get through the security checks. This is in addition to the weeks of trying to get this sorted. If anyone else is thinking of going -do give yourself months of planning and even then make sure you take your passport or other form of identification and get there in plenty of time.

Having said that it was worth meeting the volunteers and especially Jim Longworth who Roger recorded. The main reason we went was to find out more information on the part English Electric played at their two airfields especially the one in the Ribble Valley at Salmesbury. Three thousand bombers were made along with repairs to fighter planes and radar being fitted to them as advances were made in technology. More information to follow from the film.

We also touched upon the vital role that Warton played for the American Air force. Even on the way out the film we took had to be inspected by a member of security.

I would like to thank the volunteers at the Heritage Centre who are up against it in terms of the serious and lengthy security checks. It would be far better for them in my view if they could move and become part of some other museum that would enable easier access by the public and to enable more people to view all the history they have at their finger tips.

Thanks especially to Keith the Chair and Jim.

Calligraphy skills tested!

At our meeting on Tuesday 23rd February 2010 we had a go at calligraphy. This is a highly skilled task requiring patience and dexterity. We hope that our Youth Forum group will be able to use this skill on our actual Remembrance Book. Our picture shows Daniel Dewhurst trying out Calligraphy with some of the other Youth Forum members.

Memorial filming session

A filming session that was meant to take place on Tuesday 15th February, with people meeting at The Castle Museum for 4pm was cut short as a result of the heavens opening! consequently filming had to be cancelled. Morgan Rawcliffe and Morgan Kennedy decided wait for it to dry with a little improvement later on and still wanted to photograph the Memorial, Castle Keep and other parts of this area. Both girls are seen here looking at the Memorial. They did have several goes at getting Rogers film gear out but the rain came down again. All credit to them.



We have funding!

Here is Clitheroe Youth Forum being presented with a cheque from the Heritage Lottery Fund. This photograph and write up that appeared in the Clitheroe Advertiser - having been taken on Tuesday 19th February at 4pm. Not everyone could make it on time.The picture shows young Morgan Rawcliffe seen holding the cheque with myself.

Thanks to the local press for turning up.

More photo's in the paper to follow!



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