Aspin Walter Musker Roberts

 Walter Musker Roberts Aspin aged 40 and served in the Merchant Navy aboard MV poppyScottish Minstrel as a wireless operator and was killed on the 16/07/1940 when his ship (an oil tanker) was hit by one torpedo from U63. Nine men were killed but 32 survived. The ship was hit 130 miles off the northwest coast of Ireland. The ship was hit at 12.23 Hours. The ship was carrying 91,200 tons of oil. Those rescued the next day before the tanker sank went aboard the H.M.S Gardenia and landed at Folkstone.

Walter is remembered on panel 93 Tower Hill Memorial, London. This is sited in the south side of Trinity Gradens near to the Tower of London.

We have information that he lived with his family at 27 Pimlico Road, Clitheroe. Attended the National School, Moor Lane. Entered the Post Office as a Telegraph Messenger and later employed on the clerical staff for Messr's Crabtrees Brewery, Shawbridge, Clitheroe. He left there and went to train as a wireless operator for the Marconi Company moving to 70 Banner Street, Liverpool. Travelled the world as a merchant seaman. We have listed two brothers Tom who lived in Liverpool and Herbert moved to America. Also mentioned is that he was involved in WW1.

Son of Louis and Lucy Gertrude (Nee Roberts) married St Mary's, Clitheroe 1983.

We would like more information and will be researching Walter further. So far Walter is the first member of the Merchant Navy to be listed with us.


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