Bowland Book of Remembrance

Book of Remebrance/Roll of Honour.

The Book of Remembrance was created by local calligrapher, Norman Kelly. In addition to the Roll of Honour, it is a compilation of pieces that would have been used in the 1940's plus extracts from Polish sources. The binding was done by Anita Borroughs and there is a Braille version of the Book created by Chris Tattersall of Ribble Valley Braille.

The originals of both books were given to the Slaidburn Archive for safe keeping, and can be seen on request.


Hints on Browsing

There are several ways to browse the pages. As this is a flip book it is only necessary to put the mouse cursor near the edge of the book and it will change to a different arrow, then click there and the page turns. (Works in either direction) Left and right keys work as well.

Click to go to the  Book of Remembrance/Roll of Honour. This will open a new window.