Ribble Valley at war

Son at Father's Grave (R Hammond).

We have a copy of a photograph and an article from Friday 1st June, 1945 showing a Mr Roland Hammond, of 12 Henthorn Road, Clitheroe, standing by his father's grave, near Ypres, Belgium. His father, Gunner. Charles Hammond, was killed in the last war, and Mr Hammond, who is well known locally as a tenor vocalist is now in Belgium with E.N.S.A. Unfortunately the copy photograph is too poor to show on the website.

Billeting Claims

Whalley Applicants Before Tribunal

Two appeals by Whalley residents for the removal of evacuees were heard by the Clitheroe Rural Billeting Tribunal, on Wednesday. The Rev. Father F N Vavasour was accompnied by Mr J. Carter and Mrs R Greenwood. In the first case, applicant asked for the removal of a six year old girl, on the grounds that his wife had recovered from an illness extending over four months and was anxious to return to work. In that case, there would be no-one to look after the child. Applicant added that the child was clean and had good habits and had she been older they would not have parted with her for the world. They were quite willing to have another evacuee in her place, providing she was old enough to look after herself while they were absent in the daytime. The application was granted.

A Difficult Case

The other application was for the removal of a seven year old boy who it was stated had filthy habits and was unfit for a private billet. The Clerk (Mr T.P. Rushton) explained that the case had previously been before the Tribunal and the boy was taken to a special hostel in Blackburn on February 12th, not returning to his billet till March 13th. The authorities at the hostel said the lad's habits had much improved. Applicant's wife said her doctor had told her the boy needed medical attention. She thought he was happy in his surroundings, but he had habits which she was unabale to cure. She understood that he had been removed from other billets for the same reason.

Announcing the Tribunal's decision to send the boy to a hospital, the Chairman pointed out that applicant would be asked to take another evacuee.

March 28th, 1941.

Sergeant Sam Ward Honoured

It was announced on Monday that Sergeant Samuel Ward of 14, Kay Street, Clitheroe had been awarded the Military Medal. Sergeant Ward who is married and has three children is a native of Bury where his Mother and Father still reside. He was employed at the Calderstones Institution as an attendant before being recalled to his unit, the East Lancashire Fusiliers just prior to the outbreak of war. He served throughout the campaign in France and was transferred to the R.A.M.C when his proficiency in first aid work became known. After being evacuated from Cherbourg Sergeant Ward spent some little time back in England before proceeding to the Middle East at the end of 1940. Keenly interested in running Sergeant Ward who is 36 years of age has won three cups whilst serving during this war and prior to the conflict he was an active member of the Bury Athletic Club.

Information from the Clitheroe Advertiser but no date.

Sergeant Frank Rushton

Mrs Majorie Rushton of Chatburn Road, Clitheroe has received news this week that her husband Sergeant Frank C Rushton has been mentioned in despaches for devotion to duty and townspeople generally will share in this congratulations extended to Sergeant Rushton upon gaining this distinction. Volunteering for the Air Force just over four years ago, he was a member of the original party to land in the Azores late last year. Prior to joining the Forces he was employed by Messrs. Baldwin, Weeks and Baldwin Solicitors and had just been appointed organist at Moor Lane Methodist Church. 

Clitheroe Advertiser. No date given.

Private John Duffy (Repatriated)

Private John Duffy R.A.M.C of 'Loretto', Whalley Road, Langho, who arrived home from a German Prisoner of War camp on Wednesday week and whose experiences were recorded in our last issue as stated by the Clitheroe Advertiser dated June 9th, 1944. Photograph too poor to show here as with all those taken from the local papers.

Private Arnold Bibby Wounded

Private Arnold Bibby, R.A.M.C who was wounded in France is now in hospital in England. Mrs Bibby his wife who lives at 5, Back Lane, Wiswell has received letters from him stating that his wounds are not too serious. He was employed as a male nurse at Calderstones before joining the Forces in April, 1940.

Clitheroe Advertiser. Year 1944.

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