Ribble Valley at war

Mayor of Clitheroe Red Cross & ST John's Appeal Fund

Subscriptions received to 6th January, 1943.

Previously acknowledged £1,089. 8s. 2d. Messers. K. R.Hoyle & Sons £4.15s. 5d.

Total to date £1,094.3s.7d.

G Dewhurst, Mayor.

Clitheroe & District Prisoners Of War Fund

Previously acknowledged   £970.7s. 5d


Mrs H Bracewell  £0 10s 6d Sun Street Mill-Xmas effort  £4 0s 0d Dorothy Flack - effort  £1 5s 0d

Methodist Sunday School  £0 5s 0 Mrs Marten £0  4s  0d Mrs Boothman and Mrs Pye £0 13s 0d

Gisburn C.W.S Box £1 0s 0d Table mats given by Miss Penny  £2 17s  7d Mrs Briggs £0 8s 9d

Total £980.15s 3d  (C Pye) Hon Treasurer.

January 1943

Iron Railings

Iron Railings in front of principal post offices throughout the country are to be surveyed with a view to thier conversion into tanks. The Minstry of Works and Buildings are examining all Post office premises. Every railing having no artistic, historic or 'security value is likely to be in the nation's melting pot before long. This won't effect our local P.O. To paraphrase a certain character made famous by Stanley Holloway, "They'n never gan us none."

October 31st, 1941.

Recruitment -Whalley

The local Company of the North East Lancashire Volunteer Regiment experienced a considerable strengthening of its ranks. Not only had a good many recruits been procured among business and professional men, but by an order of the C.P.A., which affected Whalley Abbey Printing Company, exempted men had to join the V.T.C. In all, about 50 men were affected. Of these, 50 were sworn in by the Mayor at the Drill Hall on October 31st.

October 31st, 1941.

Pendleton W.V.S

The members of the Pendleton W.V.S are to be congratulated on their output of work during the past year. It is interesting to note that 609 garments were made and despatched to the Red Cross and W.V.S headquarters. Christmas gifts to the Forces consisted of 12 dressing gowns, 36 pairs of pyjamas, 46 pairs of slippers, 18 pullovers, 21 hot water bottle covers, 148 pair of socks, 39 shirts, 198 children's garments, 19 pair of bed socks, 18 scarves, five cardigans, 19 nightgowns, 16 pairs of gloves and 14 pillows. Also 500 garments were despatched in 1940 making a total of 1,109 garments.

January 2nd, 1942.

Wounded and Prisoners

From a German source, it was announced on the radio on Wednesday that three Clitheroe men who were with the Forces in the Middle East are prisoners of war in hospital in Athens. All three are gunners and were attached to the local territorial Unit.

Joseph Webster, of 45, Moor Lane, is the son of Mr and Mrs Alfred Webster, 49 Moor Lane and was in the employ of the Corporation's Electricity Department. Alan Hindle is the son of Mr and Mrs A. Hindle, Whalley Road, and was in the employ of C.W.S at their Mitton Poultry Farm. Thomas Snape who was in the employ of the Fylde Water Board, is the son of Mr and Mrs Snape, 51, Peel Street.

Telegrams assuring their relatives of their safety have come to hand from Robert Smithson of 4, Bold Venture, Chatburn; Raymond Calvert 22, Wilson Street, and N Goodbier, Edisford Road, Clitheroe.

Richard Sagar son of ex P.C. Charles Sagar, Buccleauch Avenue, who reached safety in Egypt, says in an Airgraph letter that he is in hospital, suffering from septic feet. He mentions that he had been making a cave his quarters with Reg Pye and Jim Garrick but they had finally seperated.

A similar letter has reached Mr and Mrs Wallbank, Little Moor Road, from their son Harry, who "quite alright" is in hospital  with an injured hand. Mentioning Clitheronians whom he had seen among them -Joe Lannon, Jack Webster and Lieutenant Noble, he says Lannon told him he had seen Arthur (Harry's twin brother) " going another way with Bill Rowe." 

Advertiser dated Friday July 4th, 1941.


Word was received on Monday by Mr and Mrs J Birtle, Lower West Clough Farm, West Bradford, that their son, Corporal James Leonard Birtle was wounded on June 26th. Corporal Birtle, who is on active service in Italy, joined the Forces in February 1942 and his many friends in the district will hope that news of his satisfactory progress will soon come to hand.

Advertiser July 14th, 1944

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