Roll of Honour Book

The Vicar Andy Froud Shows the Children the new location for the Braillie and Roll of Honour Book's in St Mary's Church. This was a video that has gone missing, we will have to get a photograph.


Sams Birthday


Sams 98th Birthday Do

Here we see Sam and the Mayor of the Ribble Valley Councillor Mrs Lois Rimmer at his 98th Birthday party. The pink jumper suits you Sam. We are just hearing that Sam has been invited to meet the Queen at Buckingham Palace at one of her Garden Parties. Sam has been sent three dates for this summer and to choose one that suits him the best. At the moment the 29th June seems to be the best and it is the nearest in the diary with the other two dates in July. Hopefully Sam can get to meet the Queen and make it to London and back without overdoing things!. More information to follow. Nice one.


Remembrance Service at the Castle War Memorial

Clitheroe Youth attended the Remembrance Service at the Castle War Memorial on Sunday 14th November. Morgan Rawcliffe, Morgan Kennedy, Maria Hitchen and Caroline Dewhurst laid a wreath on our behalf watched by other members of the group. There was a really good turnout from the Town.


Our girls can be seen in the bottom left photo having laid the wreath. The band playing is the Clitheroe Town Band. Clitheroe Youth were specifically mentioned by the Clitheroe Mayor Councillor Alan Yearing for their efforts in making a 'Roll of Honour' and 'Braille Book and website 'for those killed during World War Two.

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London Remembrance 2010

Clitheroe Youth Forum - Our Rememberance Service laying of wreaths - November 2010 - London



 More photographs in the

Thanks To Local Veterans & Families

Thanks to Local Veterans and Families

We wish to thank those who have been part of this project and allowed us to film and interview them which is still ongoing in many cases.

Sam Brearley, Angela and Ida Moor, Bill Wolsenholme, James (Reg) Pye, Hannah Barnes and family, Fred Green, John Lockett, Bernard Blacklock, Bill Entwistle, (Late Kath Brooks), (Late Edward Jones), Teddy Rich, Bob Parker, Jack O'Hara, Peter Maher, Bob Morrison, Muriel Harrison, Emily Yates, Dorothy Peel, Francis Barlow, Doreen Kay and her sister, Joan Barge, Mary Miller, Bill Statton, Thomas Walllbank, Bill Hague, Jim Bates, Kevin Cheethan, Ginny Aighton, Tom Mason, Morgan Rawcliffe,  Maria Hitchens family, -more to follow... 

Bob Morrison Ship-Builder / Gun Maker

Bob Morrison Ship-Builder-Gun Makermorrisonb559

Met Bob Morrison aged 91 who worked at Vickers Armstrong at Newcastle Upon Tyne during World War Two.

Bob was starting his apprentice and at the age of 19 when World War Two broke out and e was formed into a team of 23 men and one foreman to specifically work on and fit the guns for the Battleship King George V. Bob was saying that they even slept many a time in the turrets and worked every minute of the day to get them finished and show the Navy how to use them. He was at sea with the King George V when it took part in the sinking of the Bismark. Nice one.

Bob and his mates travelled all over repairing the ships and fitted guns to cargo ships as well as on one occasion sailed to the Antartic and saw his first iceberg.

Bob married Phyliss in 1945 and came to ICI in Clitheroe as an Engineer in 1947 and has 4 of a family with 6 Grandchildren and 2 Great Grandchildren. Phyliss passed away in 1958. Bob married Anne locally in October 2009.

More information and photo's to follow.